September 27, 2022

Price My Limo

DFW Limo, Party Bus, Shuttle

About Us And Our Crew

Price My Limo

Established in 2012 as a sales team for several limousine companies in the DFW area. They took their highest sales crew and placed them all together in order to establish a better customer experience. Customer service is the number one priority in this type of business and it seemed that people where being treated like a number instead of a customer. Therefore, we listen to every aspect of what you are expecting including what type of vehicle, how long you will need it, any color preferences and how many people you are taking with you.

Meet The Manager

The vehicles we have in inventory have different owners, the top sales person is the manager. She trains any new people while managing her own sales. Although she has been in the industry for years, she must keep up her sales to maintain management status. She has two kids that are grown with no grandchildren yet but is hopeful to have at least one! With great listening skills, she will help you find the vehicle for you.


Meet The Crew

Steve has a fulltime job and works with us only part time. Most of his clients are located in the Dallas area because that is where he lives. He also likes to drive the limousines on the weekends that he is not visiting his son. His son is his main priority and he is working hard now to provide him with everything he did not have as a child. Originally from up north, but he says he got to Texas as fast as he could.



QuinceneraYolanda began working with us once her daughter turned 15 and hired us for the Quincenera in the Hummer limo. Most of her sales are in Tarrant County because she lives in Fort Worth. She has 4 children and her husband works in construction. She loves working from home so she can be apart of her children’s activities.



Diversity in our company is a wonderful thing! Price My Limo will help you get the vehicle you need for your special event!