October 1, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

See if other people were wondering about the same questions that you have. Feel free to read through them to answer anything you may be wondering about. If the answer is not here call or text 817-995-0514

COVID: Governor Abbott has the restrictions of face mask to inside areas that he has not closed. Transportation is not included therefore we leave the option up to the client to wear a mask. All vehicles are sanitized before and after every reservation therefore PML will not be held responsible for your health since we are not in the medical field. Please check with your doctor if you have questions about your health.


Rental time begins when we arrive to pick you up and ends when we drop you off. If you are out of the immediate pick up area (Dallas-Fort Worth), then your time begins when the rental leaves and ends when the rental returns. You will know before you book if you are out of the area. If you end a reservation early, there is no refund.


Payment options are by credit card, paypal or cash.  You may pay the full balance at booking, put down a deposit and pay the rest one week before your event. Put down a deposit and pay the rest out before the day of your event. Put down a deposit and pay the rest to the limo driver when your rental arrives to pick you up.  We must have payment in full for all limousine reservations BEFORE your trip begins. If you choose to pay your balance when the limo arrives, your driver will accept cash only.  If you plan to pay your balance by credit card, please call the day before your reservation so we have time to process your payment.  Prom reservations must be paid in full at least two weeks in advance.


A confirmation will be sent showing the details of your reservation.  Please verify the confirmation, notify us of any changes/corrections or any questions that arise.


All vehicle rental reservations are normally booked by the hour.  If you have a 4 hour rental, the driver is allowed an extra 15 minutes to arrive due to traffic, weather, etc. The client is allowed 15 minutes extra to arrive at their drop off destination. If you go over, we will then charge you for the next hour, plus gratuity. If we have time available, you are always welcome to extend your trip for as long as is available on our schedule.


We calculate your expected gratuity at 10 to 20% when you make your reservation, but we also believe the driver should earn their gratuity instead of just expecting it. If your reservation is paid in full including gratuity, no further gratuity is necessary.  If you feel your driver has done an exceptional job, you can offer him an extra gratuity, but it is not necessary to further tip.


Most of our limousines will come fully stocked with glassware, napkins, ice, and bottled water.


Alcoholic beverages must stay in the passenger areas of the vehicles.  We do not allow anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcoholic beverages.  We do not provide alcoholic beverages please plan to bring them with you. During Prom, no outside drinks or backpacks will be allowed on any of the vehicles.


All of our rentals are non smoking vehicles. Our drivers will be happy to stop whenever you want to allow passengers outside for a smoke break.  If passengers smoke in the rentals without permission, we will charge minimum $250.00 (for detailed cleaning) and end the reservation.


Children under the age of 12 require an adult to be in the vehicle. Our drivers are watching the road and cannot babysit children. Most drivers really enjoy working with children and have children of their own. The drivers will make sure your children are safe and you will have the drivers phone number. Any specific question please contact us.


Every Saturday during the months of April and May after 5 pm is prom season. These times have a 6 hour (or more) minimum booking time, even if it is not for a Prom.  The non refundable deposit for these dates are 1/3 of your total reservation. Prom reservations must be paid in full 14 days prior to the event. Be sure to ask about any specials we have during this time.


If you have booked the limousine for an extended reservation (3 hours or more), the driver is at your disposal the entire time.  They will provide you with their cell phone number if you are away from the vehicle so you may contact them at any time. It may take a few minutes to get back to where you are because they have to find a place to park the extra long vehicles.

Your questions may be different so please call or text 817-995-0514 or email pricemylimo@yahoo.com